Our emotions are like the ocean...calm one day and stormy the next. The emotions you feel consistently are the most important and powerful part of your life. 
We control the emotions we feel, therefore we need to take charge! Taking charge also means measuring our emotions, often! Consistently measuring your emotions on a regular basis will raise your awareness and give you the power of choice. 
A Mood Barometer measures the emotions you are indulging in now and allows you to find and chose a new and better emotion for the future! The power to produce positive emotions AT WILL and ON DEMAND is the key to living a beautiful life.

Instructions for a Mood Barometer:
1. Keep a journal, morning and evening or anytime in between.
2. Write down a word that best describes the mood you are in at that very moment.
3. Record the date and time and a brief description about how you are feeling.

You have the power to make the impossible, possible!