Utilizing a recovery routine after a hike will ensure you receive the maximum benefits of your overall output as well as prep you for your next great excursion.

The proper recovery will aid in muscle repair and building strength.  

Here are a few tips:

1.  Rehydrate!   Your body craves water.  The more you lose, the more you need to replace.
2.  Keep moving!  You will reduce stiffness in your muscles by continuing to move at a low intensity to remove the built up lactic acid.
3.  Stretch!  Static stretching is ideal. Hold each position for up to 30 seconds to improve your circulation.
4.  Refuel!  Depleted nutrients need to be replaced. Try to eat within sixty minutes after your hike to replace your energy stores, repair tissues and get stronger.
5.  Take a timeout!  Rest and recover.  
6.  Roll it out!  A foam roller can be your best friend and personal masseuse to ease tight muscles.
7.  Sleep tight!  For anyone who exercises regularly, optimal sleep is essential.
8.  Don't overdo it!   Acclimate and recover for the greatest fitness gains.
9.  Listen!  Your body knows best.  Pay attention to warning signs to determine recovery time and level of performance.