Proper posture is as imperative as drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. Posture has a BIG impact on the body and mind! A powerful, upright stance can change your hormones as well as reduce stress.

The effects of a commanding pose can create changes in your voice as well as your facial expressions and provide a tremendous dose of confidence!

Practice makes perfect!
We first need to break the pattern of the bad habit. Slouching is one of the biggest contributors to weak muscles in the back and abdomen. You can exercise regularly and still have bad posture, however, good posture will carry over into your workout.

Want an instantly taller, leaner, elegant and slimmer looking physique?
Rounded shoulders shorten the torso, making you look less fit.  Lift your sternum a few inches to elongate the torso and look five pounds lighter!

Poor posture is associated with breathing problems.  Rounded shoulders, a forward head, and trunk flexion reduce the ability of the diaphragm to contract the ribs to expand to full range. The body is working efficiently when the spine is properly aligned, providing a stable base for movement.  Nerves and internal organs will perform most efficiently as well.

Parallel Pelvis!
Think of your pelvis as a bucket full of water.  If the hips tilt forward, water spills out. Focus on making the bucket level.

Get your roll on!
Foam rollers can be a great addition to postural alignment by stretching tight muscles in the chest and shoulders and strengthening abdominal or core muscles.  Make sure to select a foam roller that is long enough to support your head and back. If the roller is too short, use a small exercise ball to support your head.

Like a...Sponge!
Imagine your midsection is like a sponge. Squeeze out the water. It will make your tummy look firmer and flatter.

Sit Up Straight!
Slouching can increase your risk of muscle fatigue and injury. Sit upright with a neutral spine (not arched), pull your shoulders back, RELAX and BREATHE with your feet resting flat on the floor.

Walk This Way!
To avoid strain on the neck muscles, walk with your head up, eyes forward, chin parallel to the ground, shoulders moving loosely and naturally.  Lead with your heart and with your feet rolling smoothly from heel to toes without slamming to the ground.

Improper lifting is a direct route to injury. Avoid heavy objects and ensure stable footing with a wide stance. Make sure to bend at the knees keeping your back straight, then use your CORE and LEG muscles to lift steady and slowly. To set an object down, use the same method in reverse. Tighten your core muscles and bend at the knees. Never bend at the waist with locked knees.

Lying Down...
Correct posture in bed can carry over to the next day. A natural curve can be maintained by sleeping on your back. A pillow under your knees can provide extra support. With your head, neck and spine naturally aligned, you can reduce pain and have a better nights sleep. Sleeping on your side with your knees bent also prevents neck and back pain.