In jet-lag, the body's internal clock gets thrown off. An easy way to reset the body clock is to do the following procedure:

1. Once you land, or anytime you are feeling fatigued, rub the Spleen 21 acupressure point on your left side for 20 seconds. It is on your rib cage under your arm pit, at the level of the tip of your breast bone. It is a master point that helps to reset the overall energy flow in the body.

2. Take hold of and unfold the turned over part of the ear. Pull firmly away from the opening of the ear, stretching it with your fingers and thumbs. Continue around and down to the ear lobe and repeat two more times.

The ears act as an antennae for the acupuncture meridian system. Doing this procedure has several benefits:

  • It increases energy flow in the body. The higher our flow of energy, the quicker we get back in balance to overcome jet lag. This can energize you even when you are not flying.
  • It relaxes tense muscles around the neck and jaw. This effect may be due in part to the nerve endings that innervate the ear from the head and neck region. Turn the head from side to side and if you notice any tension, unroll the ear facing your back on the tense side. You will often notice the tension diminish dramatically.
  • The ears contain an acupuncture microsystem reflecting the entire body (just as the feet contain reflexes of the entire body in foot reflexology). You can relieve stress anywhere in the body by stimulating the ear.
  • Unrolling the ears enhances auditory learning and retention. This is a good thing to do before a seminar or if you notice you are losing focus when listening to someone.

To further reset your body clock, drink plenty of water (especially in flight, avoiding alcohol and coffee). Once you land, do some light aerobic exercise such as brisk walking or swimming, particularly in the ocean if possible.