When most people think of a healthy lifestyle, they think about eating right, exercising, taking supplements, and drinking plenty of water. But what most people overlook is the importance of structural support to their overall health. Think about it, as children we are all able to run, jump, leap and bend in a million different ways. As we age, however, we lose that flexibility, and the blur of activity that was our childhood transforms into back pain, achy joints and headaches that define most of our adult lives. 

The power that we are built with is lost to years of inactivity and mistreatment so much so that the majority of us can not even remember how that power felt in our bodies. We live in a world where we don't ever use our whole body, and we get injured simply by bending down to pick something up. Creating and maintaining healthy structure and alignment is a key factor in living a truly vital and energetic life. Remember, everything in your life, from how your organs function to how you are able to enjoy and experience all that life has to offer is greatly affected by the alignment of your structure.

Source:  The Egosque Method by Pete Egosque

TIP:  Seek out a professional (e.g. a chiropractor) to determine where your body may be out of alignment.