Christine Cook

“Lori Augustine Small is an outstanding trainer.  She is highly motivating and terrific at helping you reach your fitness goals.  She is extremely knowledgable in technique, fitness trends, and nutrition.  Lori enjoys an active lifestyle and helps her clients achieve the same in their everyday life.  She makes fitness a joy and I would highly recommend Lori to everyone.”

-Christine Cook

Aspen, CO.


Joe F.

“I am a male in his 60's and have been training with Lori for over one year when I am in Colorado.  Our sessions, twice a week, are high-intensity circuit-type conditioning and weight training, with core work as well.  I can let Lori know what areas I want to work on, or how to complement my other activities, so I get the most out of my workouts.  Lori is always fully-prepared and her approach fresh so that each session is maximized for the best outcome.  We use the whole gym when we have to, and she comes up with ways to make pushups and planks fun, if that's possible.  I would not hesitate to recommend Lori to anyone seeking a customized intensity-styled workout.  She is the best!”

-Joe F.

 Aspen, CO and Piedmont, CA

Robert Blank

“This conveys my respect and admiration for Lori Augustine as a person and as a physical trainer.   Lori is bright, with a great sense of humor, experienced as well as able to design a program based on individual needs and requirements.  It helps that Lori makes each session a little different.  I have trained with Lori for almost five years.  We have a second home in Aspen and spend about three months there, mostly in the summer.  We know a number of people who train with Lori and she was recommended to my wife Nancy and me.  Lori makes my experience as pleasant as possible, not an easy task.  She is reliable and always on time greeting me with a big smile.”

-Robert Blank

Aspen, CO.

Win Charles

“Lori is a unique trainer!  She is able to adapt to people's needs.  She makes me think out of the box when it comes to my health and I am able to achieve the results I am looking for because of her creativity.  Lori is great because she is always punctual, which is very important to me.  Another major benefit I receive from her is that she continually designs new, customized techniques for me.  I highly recommend Lori because she is unmatched and she gives me a new perspective in the gym.”

-Win Charles 

Aspen, CO.

Wido Schaefer

“Lori Augustine is an OUTSTANDING trainer!  She works with the whole person -- mentally, emotionally and physically.  Because of her efforts, I am stronger and more flexible, I have better balance and most importantly, working out has become FUN.  I highly recommend her without hesitation.”

-Wido Schaefer

Aspen, CO.

David Stein

“If you are looking for a GREAT trainer this reflects my thoughts about meeting and working with Lori in Aspen last summer.  Lori inspired me from the moment I witnessed her training clients at my club with great passion and precision.  Her unique style prompted me to embark upon a fitness routine for the first time in my life.  Lori is committed to every client and she challenges each of us to surpass our physical boundaries.  Her program has prevented me from injury and has increased my athletic performance on the golf course.   My flexibility and mobility has improved as well as my power, timing, strength and endurance.  I always look forward to working out with her and highly recommend Lori without any hesitation.  She makes every workout FUN!”

-David Stein

Aspen, CO.

Aaron Podhurst

“I just want you to know that I have enjoyed our training sessions together.  I feel that your warm encouragement and professional skills have been so beneficial to me.  It's so nice to feel that I am being rewarded health wise because of your training skills and warm personality.  I would recommend you to anyone because I have no doubt that they would be pleased with the results just like I am.  You are a genuine person with a high degree of professionalism.  I appreciate our time together.”

-Aaron Podhurst

Aspen, CO.

Steve Schlafer

“You are one of my favorite people I have met in Aspen.  You make your clients (me) feel comfortable.  You are very friendly and a lot of fun but always professional.  You personalize the workout for me.  If I want to do abs and arms, you find endless exercises for abs and arms.  You are always thinking of new and unique things to do so it never gets boring.  I would recommend you (and I do) to guys as well as girls.  You are passionate about training and it shows. Your classes make me want to come back for more.”

-Steve Schlafer

Aspen, CO.

Andrew Hecht

“Lori is a truly excellent trainer.  She is the perfect combination of tough and warmth.  Lori is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. Her easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.  She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun!  She also places a high value on correct form with each exercise.  She motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results.  I have incredible energy and my balance and flexibility have improved immensely.  If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Lori will lead you every step of the way.  I recommend her without reservation.”

-Andrew Hecht  

Aspen, CO.